Finn Again – Book Review

Professional, creative, unrelenting, and genius are some of the few attributes used to describe Lynda Meyers writing. Over the years, she has mastered the art of writing books that go against the grind and elicit mixed reactions among readers. To do this, she takes her time to analyze the various life experiences she goes through and the lessons learnt in the process.

One of her latest books is titled Finn Again. The main character is Finn McCarthy, a half Irish, half-English man who went to school at Oxford University. His English half is polite and wicked smart while his Irish half loves to party and have fun with women. Another character in the book is Regan, a principled girl who successfully managed to wrestle herself from Finn’s charms.

Trouble begins when war erupts in the world and Finn has no option but to join the army. He fights countless battles against enemies from all across the globe. The experience torments and affects his mental health. To heal and forget his past, he decides to embark on a journey to remote parts of the world. He comes across a friendly fishing village that welcomes him as their own. During his stay in this village, he gets a chance to reminisce on his experiences and begins to accept his past. Unfortunately, he discovers that his greatest battle yet could take everything that is valuable to him. War indeed leaves permanent marks on man, but Finn is not just any man, he falls short of been referred to a superhero in this book.

Lynda uses her superior creative skills, intense humor, and intelligent dialogue to describe each of the experiences that Finn goes through expertly. The twists and turns in each paragraph will entertain and grasp your attention from the start to the last paragraph.

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Serious Reading Rating
95 %