Cassia – Book Review

Cassia is an artistic woman’s fiction novel written by Lanatte Kauten who grew up in Dallas, TX. Cassia is her second book.

The story of Cassia revolves around Tanya Falgoust who lives in Deep Ellum and wants to be a part of the group of underground artists in her district. But just because she lives with musicians and artists doesn’t mean she is one of them.  This isn’t too much of an issue until Tanya meets Cassia, the seductive, sensual and rebellious performance actress who jumps into Tanya’s bed.

Nobody in the district knows who Cassia is, but she manages to captivate the locals with her beauty and flawless acting skills.  Tanya and Cassia soon develop a serious relationship and when she is warned about Cassie by a friend, Tanya ignores him because she is too blinded by her love for Cassia.

However, when Cassia does not reveal anything about herself, even her real name, Tanya starts realizing there is something strange about Cassia and that her friend might have been right in telling her to keep away. In time, Tanya discovers that the secrets Cassia has are damaging and dangerous, more than Tanya could ever imagine.

As their love deepens, Tanya has to break away from the relationship before she misses her chance to be accepted by the community of musicians – the thing she wants the most.

Cassia is a bold and beautiful novel that does not only explore sexuality, but also has a theme of desire and ambition. It is also about one’s struggle between achieving personal desires, and wanting to maintain relationships.  The characters in this book are so realistic and well developed that reading the story almost feels like you’ve met them and understand their circumstances. This book will make you think about the affect art has on an artist.

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