Benji’s Portal – Book Review

Ever since a little boy, D.J. Mitchell loved to read and write but never really had any book published on paper until he became a father to a beautiful son. He wrote Benji’s Portal for his 10-year old son who started to show the same passion for reading and writing. He was astonished to receive good reviews even from adults who claimed that they had a lovely time reading the book.

Coming from a gifted family, Benji Haight has yet to discover about his powers. Everyone in his family has discovered their hidden talents but he still has no idea what make him special. It was only a matter of time as one day, in his new home, he discovers a well which happens to be a portal to another world which only he could access. Benji, along with his sister Lisa, who can read minds, explores the new galaxy and soon becomes friends with the other kids in it. But as their friendship grows, they also learn of a dark secret that had been kept hidden for ages; a family mystery involving a boy who tried to access the portal before he was murdered. Rumors suggest that it was an accident but Benji and Lisa suspect it was the feud that got the boy killed. As they both try to gather facts about the boy’s “accident”, they start to receive threats and decide to involve their parents for help.

Will they uncover the mystery together or will history repeat itself with Benji being killed?

Benji’s Portal is an epic tale of space travel, a little boy’s discovery of his own powers and a family’s adventure to solve a murder mystery which took place ages ago. Readers will be astonished to see how beautifully the author has put into words a simple story with multiple twists and turns which no one can anticipate until they have given the book a try. Since it was initially supposed to be a children’s book, it was only fair that it had a relatively happier ending, which it does, not to leave behind any suspicions. There is something about the story that makes it a delightful read even for teens and adults.

An entertaining short read to enjoy over a weekend, this might just be your cup of tea!

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