Past Lives – Book Review

Shana Chartier, a girl who lives in the small beautiful town of Merrimack, sure knows how to dream big and how to write even better. Just like in her debut novel titled Past Lives, Chartier managed to impress lots of readers and gained a loyal fan following almost instantly. Inspired by literary icons like Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan, readers can catch glimpses of a classy writing style in the works of Chartier.

Past Lives is a story of a girl named J. While she might be seen living a regular live of a teenager in a high school, she has lived with the curse of many past lives. J is plagued with living and dying repeatedly, which resulted in her living many lives. She is not the only one though. Sebastian suffers from the same ordeal; the only difference is that they always end up on different sides of the battle.

This curse was triggered when J made the deadly mistake of falling in love with her sister’s betrothed and as a result, she ended up in revolutionary France, hiding away to save her live, America in the 80’s, in the disguise of a confederate soldier; next, she was in Austria, running away from Nazi forces to save her Jewish friends and now, she finds herself in the 21st century, fighting tooth and nail to get into a competitive college. But the question is, will Sebastian succeed in his struggles to rescue J and finally have a chance of a life together or will their curse go on until they have nothing left?

Past Lives is an intriguing read and readers can find themselves hooked to it. The characters are likable and the different times on earth are defined with such intricacy that it paints a clear picture. The suspense, the spirituality and the thrill of the adventure makes this book one of a kind.

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