Let’s Vote! A Fruitful Election Tale – Book Review

Anita Iaco, also known as “Miss Anita” runs a pre-school with her family and daughter Jenn in the North Haledon area in New Jersey. She graduated from Iona College in New York where she earned a degree in communication arts.

Being blessed with the company of her students who wow her with their insightful, unique and amusing stories on a daily basis, this story is an artistically modified portrayal of a scene which she witnessed on one such day at her pre-school. This picture book is her first one of many, which she hopes can strike an emotional chord with parents and children irrespective of their geographical and cultural boundaries.

This picture book narrates the scenario which played out in one of the class activities conducted by her daughter. The story revolves around an election day conducted in Miss Jenn’s classroom where students have to vote for 1 out of a total of 3 fruits to be chosen as the official class fruit. 3 Students are designated as the official spokesperson for each of the 3 fruits which consist of a banana, an orange and an apple.

Each person is charged with the responsibility to speak on behalf of the fruit assigned to them in order to persuade the remaining members of the class to support their case. Even though the banana was elected as the official class fruit, the arguments presented resulted in the students learning the importance of keeping the promises they make, to not judge something only by how it looks and to be nice if they wanted others to be nice to them in return.

The book is suitable for children of ages 5-11 years and it aims to instill in children the good habits which will help them in becoming role models in the society when they grow up. Parents can also read this story to their child as it is accompanied by images which make it interesting and an entertaining read for both.

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