The Gumshoes – Book Review

The author of this book, Valerie Murphy has been an enthusiastic story teller since childhood. She spent most of her childhood in Mountain View, California. Presently, she is living with her husband, daughters and son in Central Valley. She has been writing extensively since years and has authored multiple series. She also writes for children and her works include The Gumshoes: A New Town, Oh Joy! and Children’s Book of Poems Schmoems. Currently, she is working on a new novel for young adults. She also writes poetry, screenplays and short stories for children. She has recently completed her third book, The Gumshoes: Rogues Hollow Crossing.

The Gumshoes: A New Town, Oh Joy! is a very fascinating read. The book is beguiling for children. With an interesting storyline, you won’t get bored of reading the book. It is the first book in the installment of the Gumshoes books series. The plot revolves around a ten year old boy, Bug. He has recently moved to a new city and is desperate for only one thing in the new city; to find a skate park. While he was looking for one, he ends up making new friends instead. Later, he realizes that his new mates are not his friends at all. They are a group of Gumshoes, which is a paranormal investigation club. The question arises whether Bug will ditch his present lifestyle and become one of a Gumshoe?

The book is a must read for children of any age. It is especially appealing to middle aged kids. The author uses a very simple yet intriguing tone in narration, which not only excites interest but retains it throughout the plot.

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