A Book for Thomas – Book Review

A Book for Thomas is written by Michael D. Robison for Thomas Hall, a young boy he met at a hospital who was suffering from untreatable brain cancer. It is about a family of red tailed hawks that once lived in Michael’s backyard. Thomas was very brave because he never lost hope and fought till his last day, and it was his strength and spirit that instilled the author’s will to face any difficulties he may have to face in the future.

A Book for Thomas is a book that children and people of all ages will enjoy and learn from.

The main character of this story is Thomas, who is a young red tailed hawk, with handsome features. He comes from a good home and his parents have raised him well. He is also a good member of the community and is well aware of his responsibilities. For a well brought up, good looking young hawk, it seems that Thomas has everything – except that Thomas isn’t happy and he does not know what to do about it.

Thomas will learn, with experience that in order to be loved, and to learn to love someone, you need to find the strength and be brave enough to be vulnerable. This is a beautiful story of a family of hawks and how the bond between animal families is similar to the bond between our human families. It will teach its readers that love is always the common ground that helps create understanding, and it will show you the importance of having someone to build your nest for – and the importance of having a family.

The writing is simple, so is the concept, such that children will be able to read and understand, but there is a lot of impact in the author’s simplistic approach that makes this story bound to be everybody’s favorite.

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