Catch a Falling Star – Book Review

Catch a Falling Star is a fiction-based book written by Michael Beyer, a high school English teacher. He is married and lives with his three children and wife in Carrollton, Texas. When he is not writing, he loves quality time with his family and friends.

The book takes us back to 1990s when a group of NASA technicians is caught unaware by a group of aliens from space. They do not notice the clicking noises emanating from the radiation detectors nor the strange code that scrolls on the computer monitor as a glowing saucer gets into Neptune’s orbit. As the technicians continue playing the game and urging loudly about the rules of the game, the aliens land on planet Earth and invade a small town in Iowa undetected. They plan to launch their invasion plan from this location. Unknown to them is that this town is home to an elite group of brave and adventurous young boys.

To get a better perspective of the community, they kidnap one of the boys and begin to carry out tests to uncover their weakness and strengths. They have no idea that they have kidnapped one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth who is well known for causing chaos and foiling evil plots. Will they succeed in taking over planet earth?

Catch a Falling Star is an interesting book that will give you a completely new idea about aliens and what would happen if they were to invade planet earth. The author, Michael, uses his special skills to create suspense-filled scenes that will blow your mind away. For instance, the aliens have amphibian characteristics and routinely eat their young ones without showing any signs of mercy or remorse. As you read the book, you will get a better understand of space, religion, humanity, and love.

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