Heavenly Bodyguards: Trainee in Action – Book Review

Heavenly Bodyguards – Trainee in Action is written by Rebecca Lange who was raised in Germany but has been living in America since 2004. Heavenly Bodyguards – Trainee in action is the first part of a trilogy and these days, Rebecca is working on her fourth book.

The story revolves around Joelle who finds out she is dead and finds out that she has some after-death duties to take care of. Now that she’s dead, Joelle must go back to earth so she can be trained to be a guardian angel.

There are many things Joelle gets to learn as she is given her first assignment as a guardian angel with her Trainer Josh. It is how they find out about Hannah, a 12 year old who lost her parents in an accident and does not want to live in an orphanage. It is up to Joelle to find someone suitable to adopt Hannah as soon as possible and use her powers to protect her from harm.

If only  all that was easy. Before the training year is over, Hannah needs to defeat evil angels who keep putting obstacles in her way, learn how to use her powers and learn to listen to her heart and find a loving family to adopt Hannah before time runs out. Rebecca really knows how to write soft, relatable stories and she has made Joelle into a sarcastic, easy going personality which brings adventure and humor to the plot.

Heavenly Bodyguards is a beautiful concept because it talks about love and hope. It makes you believe in angels and that there is someone out there taking care of you. It is due to this reason that Heavenly Bodyguards is  bound to become a readers’ favorite. But more than anything, the book is about how you can look at things differently if you simply believe in yourself. Heavenly Bodyguards – Trainee in action is definitely a book worth reading.

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