Adventures of Anthony & Benny – Book Review

Adventures of Anthony & Benny is an amazing book that targets children. The author, Antony Germignani, is a creative and visionary writer who loves to empower the young generation with essential skills such as listening, reading, vocabulary, and imagination. The book is an ideal choice for Kindergarten children above the age of six years. At a tender age, Anthony used to be an artist and later became a professional musician and music instructor.

The two main characters in this book are a young, adventurous, and playful boy, Anthony, and Benny, a mouse that has almost the same personal attributes. Germignani worked hard to come up with words that are easy to understand and created complete sentences and paragraphs. The two, Anthony and Benny meet coincidentally and form a strong friendship. Every day, they spend time together outdoors having amazing adventures and exploring the world around them. Just like other children books, Benny, the mouse in this book has exceptional listening and reasoning skills. More importantly, he can actually talk directly with Anthony. They both work together to do quick stunts and go for adventures without being caught.

To grasp the attention of the reader, each paragraph has its own adventurous story. As your child reads the book, his or her imagination, and vocabulary skills will be honed. It is recommendable to assist the child read the book to help him understand the stories better.

This is one of the best books that Anthony Germignani has written so far. The experience and skills that he gained working as a music instructor helps him to come up with stories that resonate with children.

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