The Deeper Darkness – Book Review

K.E. Stapylton is an inspiring writer who has earned global recognition for writing amazing children books that are tailored to enhance the creativity of children. The Deeper Darkness is one of the premier books in her new series, The Prism Series, and is ideal for children who are 10 years of age and above.

This attention-grabbing book centers around four main characters. Rabbit and Rupert, who are pulled unexpectedly from their own world into the magical land of Prism, meet Aden, a courageous Princess, and her best friend Jasper, a humorous and easy-going boy whose mother is Prism’s High Priestess, and together the four embark on a quest that takes them from Prism’s capital city to the furthest corners of the land.

Prism is a land of color, where each color represents different aspects of the land and its people.  At the time of its creation, Prism was given a Crystal by its creators, and the Crystal keeps the land both colorful and safe.  However, the Crystal has been stolen and split into four different quarters, and the land is fading – and the rest of the universe along with it.  Unless the Crystal is recovered, Prism and all the known universe will fade into a gray nothingness controlled by the evil Addreadon and his father, Annihilo.

Throughout the series Rabbit, Rupert, Aden and Jasper search for the four quadrants of the Crystal, and The Deeper Darkness, book 2 in the series, is set under the waters of Prism where they believe the blue quadrant of the Crystal has been hidden.  Unfortunately their mission is much complicated when they meet the spoiled, annoying princess of Undersea, Cerulea. She develops a flirtatious interest in Rupert and insists on accompanying them as they search for the blue crystal in the dark depths of Prism’s oceans. Her constant complaints along the way distract everyone, thereby making them more vulnerable to the threats that seem to increase at every turn.

Jasper, whose own efforts to form a romantic relationship with Rabbit go horribly wrong, has problems of his own, and Rabbit, who is unable to swim and hates the way she looks in a bikini, struggles with being the object of ridicule and suspicion.  The deeper they travel, the worse things become, and Prism teeters on the verge of destruction, as the various communities of the ocean become increasingly hostile. The four friends have no option but to work together despite their differences and squabbles.

The Deeper Darkness is an exciting book that will grasp your child’s imagination and attention. The author, Stapylton, has used simple, descriptive language to produce a book which is highly engaging and exciting.

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