What Pandas Love

Zoo Adventure Series book #12, What Pandas Love, is a hit with children of all ages.


Erik Hertwig is a graduate of St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin.  His decision to become an author prompted him to major in English Literature, Secondary Education, and pursue a career working with children as an English teacher author, consultant, publisher, and motivational speaker.


Erik is the creator of the Zoo Adventure Series a series of children books that centers on the crazy antics of a group of animal friends that take place in a fictional zoo; He is the creator of the Dragonfly Sorcery Series, the first novel is a fantasy hero’s journey archetype novel about a half elf’s coming of age journey into adulthood; several short fantasy stories based in the same Dragonfly Sorcery world; and technical manuals that focus on teaching writing composition and career advancement.


What Pandas Love is a book for all those who truly love pandas.  What Pandas Love was designed around some of the internet’s most liked and shared panda photos.  Watching pandas frolic and play is a pastime that people of all ages and cultures enjoy.  Pandas remind us of the innocence of youth and the freedom of play while entertaining us with their humorous antics.

Join in the panda fun and be swept away as the reader is taken, one page at a time, into the world of fun that the pandas of the panda daycare enjoy on a daily basis.


The best part about What Pandas Love is that you can learn to love pandas in two languages.  What Pandas Love is a Bilingual English and Spanish beginning reader book that shows what pandas love to do.  Turn page after page and join the pandas as they engage in some of their favorite activities.

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