Windy and Raine’s Exciting Adventure

So, after our new friend Chester the frog led the way into the backyard, excitement filled our minds, what would all these new friends be like that lived by the pond? Just like Windy and I have our friends in the front yard, we would all soon be one big group. We were so happy to have so many new friends who lived with Margaret too. Chester was glad to have his new neighbors at his party, and this was just the beginning of many more adventures to come, he could feel it. For now though, it was time for games, snacks, and cake. This cover was designed by Colby Hills it was his Make-A- Wish request. 20 % of the profits of this book will be going to the Foundation “Make-A- Wish.” It is my hope that theses books will be a tool to bring families time’s of laughter, fun, and learning. Our Children are our Tomorrow and love will make it so much better and brighter.

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