Windy And Raine Learn To Fly

This is a story about the Morning Dove Family who just had their first set of twins. It is full of magical pictures and colors to stir the imagination, while teaching the importance of family, love, and friendship. Margaret had the best seat in the house watching Momma Grace, and Professor Morning Dove take care of their eggs, as she watches these now baby twins about to be taught on this very day, how to fly high in the sky for the very first time. Now that they have arrived, met their friends, learned all they needed to know about their nest, they must now learn to fly. They and their friends are quite excited, for once they can fly the adventures begin with, Reggie the raccoon, Lillian the spotted fawn, and their friend Dawn the bunny. You will be just as excited to share in such a simple, yet amazing part of nature being taught. What made this project special was my awesome Illustrator for the last 2 books is my 15- year-old niece, Jade. To have the opportunity to share your gifts and talents with others, is truly inspirational and encouraging. To realize no dream is to big or to small, is the hope that our children need to believe that they can and will make a contribution to our world. Their possibilities are endless. We were so glad we had the opportunity to share this experience together. This is the second installment of the trilogy, just in time for the holidays. “Windy and Raine Learn to Fly”, has a Prelude in the back of the book to the final installment, “Windy and Raine’s Exciting Adventure” God bless us all, health to you and you’re loving families

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