Be Proud – Book Review

Communicating effectively with children is an art. As adults, we do not realize that children have a very different process of assessing and analyzing situations. Their developing minds see things the way they want to see them, making us realize that it is not merely a task of explaining things in one sentence that will get the job done.

Colleen Doyle Bryant, being a mother of 4, has used her experience of raising her own children to create books that help parents and adults understand how to effectively explain things to children. Be Proud is the first book in the Talking with Trees series by Colleen which explains to children about being honest and learning from mistakes in a way that they can relate to easily.

The book follows the story of a boy who is hiding behind an old tree and using his handheld video game player. The tree startles the kid by striking a conversation and through her wisdom, she makes the boy realize about what a conscience is and how to decide what to do when you have a bad feeling about something.

“A conscience is that voice in your head, and that feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is looking”

With beautiful illustrations by Manuela Soriani, the readers will take the journey with the character and feel involved in the storyline. Colleen has used an old tree as a character that has also seen the child’s father grow up. This resembles a very similar relationship that children have with their grandparents. So in a way, the book encourages children to listen to their elders as they will always guide them towards a better decision.

Be Proud is a wonderful book that teaches children about doing the right thing, being honest and being proud of the right decisions they make. It explains to children how a clear conscience is very important for leading a better life.

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