My Big Tow – Book Review

Kyle Chirgwin is a radio jockey by profession, and My Big Tow is his first adventure as a children’s book writer.

My Big Tow is meant for elementary level school-goers. The language is a bit advanced for an elementary level read, but it will only help enhance the reading and vocabulary skills of the kids. Darren is the little protagonist of the story. He plays in his backyard quite often, as most kids do. But the story begins when one fine afternoon playing in the sand as usual, his mind wanders off and he creates a character names Captain Recovery. He saves the day with his Big Blue truck, and together, they have many adventures. In one of his adventures with Captain Recovery, he rescues an airplane and its passengers when it derails off the tarmac.

The plot of the book is mainly aimed towards teaching kids what towing is all about, and the components that go into making the industry. In a creative and light way, Darren’s adventures with Captain Recovery are instilling a desire to help among its readers. With magical visuals created by Joshua, Kyle has gone to great creative lengths in order to make learning the art of towing as enjoyable as possible. You can detect hints of influences in characters that come from real life personalities the author may have come across. This book makes a good addition to the children’s library at home, the daycare center, or for school curriculum. Since the premise is a kid’s backyard, it’s easier for kids to resonate with Darren and mirror their own imaginations unto this character. It’s not boring, even to be read by an adult, so that makes it a lot easier for one to read it themselves before suggesting it to their kids.

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