LENNY LOSES HIS Z is the second book in the Lenny Book Series and More, although these books do not have to be read in any particular order.  The main character is still Lenny, but his best friend is introduced in this story.  The details follow children at a camp and the interactions that take place.  In this sequence Lenny “loses” something in comparison to his “finding” his Line in Book 1.  Lenny thinks he understands what TEAMWORK means until a set of circumstances do not turn out the way he wanted it to.  In the ensuing pages he decides he does not need the advice of his best friend, Grace, who thinks a little nap might help his mood.  What happens next leaves the reader wondering is it real or is it a dream.  Only Lenny knows the answer.  Enjoy the development of the character and the author in Book 2.



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