Eeeky Squeaky: The Fourth Blind Mouse

Eeeky Squeaky has a secret he would like to tell you! Do you know the cute little song that sings of the three blind mice? It does not tell the entire story. Eeeky Squeaky was also there on tail cutting night! Even though he lost his tail too, he was blamed for all of the trouble that took place in the farmer’s kitchen that night!

After the awful event, Eeeky Squeaky was cut out of what used to be known as the Four Blind Mice. The Three Blind Mice were born! In Eeeky Squeaky: The Fourth Blind Mouse, he tells the tale of how he found a new way to live without his band or a tail!

Maybe he tried to be a hamster. A hamster did not need to have a long tail. Plus, running on a hamster wheel looked like lots of fun! Eeeky Squeaky liked the idea of being a hamster as long as he could still eat cheese!

Or maybe he tried to be a duck. He did not need a long tail to be a duck. He would just have to swim all day. Eeeky Squeaky loved to swim! Also, ducks ate crackers. Maybe ducks even ate cheese with their crackers! Eeeky Squeaky just loved cheese!

Then again, maybe he tried to be a frog! Eeeky Squeaky had never seen a frog with a long tail. Hopping like a frog did not look hard and it seemed like lots of fun! Also, he hoped that frogs liked cheese. He could not be a frog if they did not eat cheese!

Find out which new animal he became, and how he even found some cheese at the end of his journey. Eeeky Squeaky: The Fourth Blind Mouse is a classic children’s tale made fresh and new. You will never see mice or cheese the same way again.

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