Shadow by Aris Austin

ShadowMeet Shadow. He’s a little older and slower than he used to be, but he’s got a heart of gold, and he’s a good dog. People always tell him so. He’ll never hesitate to give your face a good licking, and there’s no one he loves more than his human, Brian.

Brian got a new puppy for Christmas though, leading him to abandon Shadow at the shelter he came from eleven years earlier. Shadow is devastated. Worse, the clock is winding down, even as a caring shelter worker helps him heal from the betrayal. Each day brings him closer to being euthanized in order to make more room at the shelter, and his fate rests in the hands of the very species that betrayed him—humans.

When people ask me how I came up with the idea for Shadow, I tell them that I was daydreaming in my biochemistry class and the concept just came to me. The real source of the idea was much more upsetting than that, though. It’s true that I thought of it in biochemistry, but what fueled the idea were the countless online photos I’d seen of heartbroken dogs who had just been abandoned by their families. I wanted to do something to change that, so Shadow was born.

By showing readers the world through the eyes of this deeply hurt individual, I invite them to step into someone else’s paws (couldn’t resist the pun) and think about the impact their actions might have. The book is definitely meant to entertain, but it’s also very purpose driven. And since Shadow’s story is the story of so many real-life dogs, 20% of book sales will go to Love & Second Chances all-breed dog rescue.

Aris Austin


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