Enchanting Starlight – Book Review

When authors are writing children story books, they have to use the right words, thoroughly read, and then proofread every word and its meaning, because once a child reads the story, it is most likely going to remain in their little mind for a long time. One mistake, one wrong interpretation, and you have failed as a teacher, a mentor, and an inner voice. This is one reason why many authors don’t pick such a genre with the fear of giving little minds something wrong or inappropriate to read. But not Terialina!

Terialina is a woman who shares her passions through her stories to every child who is a fan of fairytale. Currently, she is residing with her loved ones. She is a mother, a wife and a children’s book author with a shared interest in photography and storytelling. Still young at heart, Terialina has many more enchanting and imaginative stories to tell.  Her book Enchanting Starlight is the story of a young girl in search for herself.

A young girl finds herself in a territory she doesn’t recognize but one which resembles a lot like the stories her grandfather used to tell her when she was young. In order to find the answers to all her questions, she has to face many obstacles and make the right choice. What she doesn’t know is that all these obstacles are determining her future. The better she performs, the better her future is going to be. But to make the right judgments, she needs to look within herself, listen to her inner voice, and make the right choice.

Will she be able to take the right steps that will impact her future or will she fail and be stuck in that world forever?

All those readers who opt for this book for themselves or their children will find that it is a delightful read. A very simple but enchanting read as the title justifies.

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