The Family Jones and the Eggs of Rex – Book Review

Jeffrey Cheatham II is a dad who wants his daughter to believe that good is possible in this world, and attainable – and also to be proud of him and show off her father’s love for her. He’s a single parent, and his daughter is his pride and joy. Together, they live in Seattle, Washington. The Family Jones is like a parenting aid, to instill stronger family values into kids. This is his first self published children’s book, but he has plans to publish more children’s books in order to promote virtues in kids from a young age like confidence, team work, and the importance of family.

The consistent theme throughout the book is “Family is the magic all of us can create.” It puts emphasis on the importance of family. The Family Jones does everything together, and helping others is their specialty. One night it rains hard, and what the family finds is wonderful and magical – a mysterious book along with a bracelet. As soon as they discover it, they are transported to Dinoland in an instant. In Dinoland, they meet the Rex family which has Mama and Papa Rex. Together, they head onto a great and fascinating adventure full of surprises and fun. Terry the Pterodactyl has stolen their eggs and they need to retrieve them as soon as possible, extremely precious for obvious reasons. The Family Jones decides to help the Rex family find their precious eggs.

The children’s book is just the right amount of fascinating to read to kids who have a budding interest in listening to bed time stories. It’s educational in a fun way, which piques children’s interest. You can read it at bedtime, or during family time, which will only help you make your bond stronger.

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