The art of war – Book Review

There is no better way to learn each and every facet of warfare than from experienced military personnel. You’ve probably struck gold if that person also happens to be a strategist and philosopher as well. This is exactly what the author of ‘The Art of War’, Sun-Tzu was. Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general, philosopher, and strategist who lived during the Zhou dynasty in ancient China. Today, ‘The Art of War’ is increasingly popular among political leaders, military strategist, and management professionals.

It was around the 6th Century BC that Sun Tzu wrote the Art of War. Originally written in Chinese, the book was translated into English and various other languages. It has won worldwide acclaim for its advice on military success. Generals and soldiers in the business world have also greatly benefited from this advice. You’ll find 13 chapters in the book; each one of them talks about a different aspect of war. The book is enigmatic, poetic, and at times, mundane.

The purpose Sun-Tzu meant to serve with ‘The Art of War’ was guiding ancient China’s military strategy. The book perfectly illustrates how one can outsmart and defeat opponents in war without engaging in physical battle. However, the book has benefited people outside of the military greatly since it emphasizes less on actual combat and focuses more on ‘strategy’.

The competition between modern day businesses perfectly mirrors the duel between ancient Chinese militaries. This is the reason many businessmen and management professionals today use the teachings of ‘The Art of War’.

To sum it up, the wisdom in the form of military strategy that Sun-Tzu offers in ‘The Art of War’ is something you can apply to your life’s daily conflicts, obstacles, and goals. This is why ‘The Art of War’ is a great read and one that is highly recommended.

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