A Retail Investigator – Book Review

The author, Mark Hudson got commission in the US Army straight out of college. Before that he, like any other student, made a living out of odd jobs in the locality. As an army man, Hudson served as part of the renowned 82nd airborne division. This division has now been deactivated. After leaving the military, Hudson began a career as a retail store security investigator. He specialized in the employee fraud and embezzlement investigations.

Having worked with several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Hudson gained considerable experience in across country interrogations. He now lives with his wife in Arizona, and is working on making good on his lifelong ambition of being an author.

Hudson, throughout the course of his career dealt with numerous shoplifting, and other retail cases. He has compiled those thousands of interviews, and interrogations into an entertaining story that provides learning, and humor to the readers. He shares his techniques and skills that helped him grow into a multi-store investigator in the district. Through the book, Hudson aims to educate the people working in the retail security and management industry on the techniques that can help them morph admissions from the accused in no time.

What makes this book entirely outstanding is the way the author keeps you hooked and makes you come back for more with his straightforward and candid writing style. One would never feel like they’re reading a book. It is more like being in a one-sided conversation in the living room where the author tells you about his countless experiences as a retail store security investigator.

The book clearly outlines the excitement, risk, and exasperation that is part of the deal being in the investigation business. The stories narrated are fun to read and extremely informative for anyone who is currently serving or interested in anything related to the investigation industry.

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