Stack Silver Get Gold – Book Review

Hunter Riley is a seasoned expert on gold and silver buying and has been in the business for as long as 15 years. He currently resides in Chicago, IL and alongside the business of investing, also writes on marketing and psychology. His expertise and his books have been mentioned on some of the most widely watched TV networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC among others. He has also worked with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, one of the world’s largest financial exchanges, for about 7 years.

Stack Silver Get Gold is an in-depth insight into the business of investing in gold and silver safely, without the risk of plunging your valuables down the drain. The books starts at the very basic discussing ways how to begin investing in gold and silver, and goes onto explain important points such as avoiding the gold and silver scams being run on television, saving your silver and gold from getting confiscated by the government, safe storage options for your valuables and starting your investment for as low as $25 only.

The book also addresses some key questions like what types of gold and silver to buy and which to avoid, where to store the valuables risk-free, the author’s personal investing strategies and where to exactly buy the gold and silver for further investment. If you are considering investing anytime soon in gold and silver bullions, this book is a must-have for you as the tips and tricks described in it are coming straight out of the personal experience of the author, seasoned in this business and experienced with top professionals of the business.

The author has answered a wide range of questions in a single book written with extreme depth and detail. It is a true treasure trove of strategies related to silver and gold investment.

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Serious Reading Rating
92 %