A Pessimist’s Guide To Self Publishing: Analyazing a Real-Life Launch

Real results of two REALLY successful campaigns. A pessimistic look at how these could’ve preformed much better, and how you can accomplish what I have by spending WAY less money

Short 30-minute guides containing insights and references to the resources you’ll need to succeed time and time again in the massive world of self-publishing. Updated weekly so the information is always relevant.

Optimism is incredibly overexploited in the publishing industry, and you don’t need people telling you “If this guy can do it you can!” What you need is someone like me who’s not afraid to tell you the truth.

You need to adopt realistic goals and realistic expectations when it comes to this business, or you’ll end up penniless and even worse – heartbroken.

I know. I’ve been there, and I’m going to help you avoid it with every new issue in this quick-read series.

These are proven methods I have used and refined after spending thousands of dollars trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. In my last two promotions, I got 16,000 downloads and very recently 11,000.

In this book you’ll learn:

– The proven results of a 16k free download campaign.

– My most recent launch and what I recommend for topping the charts on Amazon

– A list of references to guide you to all of the promotions I used.

– What I learned during my campaign and how you can avoid the same mistakes, spend WAY less money and have a more successful turnout.

If you are a self-published author and the world of marketing seems infinite and confusing to you, you will benefit from this book.

If you are about to publish your first (or 50th) novel and are currently investing in marketing for your novel, you NEED this book.

I’ve learned from the mistakes you (hopefully) haven’t had the chance to make yet. So hear me out, even if you are a successful author everyone can benefit from seeing real world results from individual vendors on Amazon. I will provide that to you, in a new edition every week either for free or $0.99.

In every issue:

– Specific point by point guides into the many different aspects of the self-publishing world.

– Weekly promotion results (where I test a random promotional campaign on its own and report its EXACT results, so you know what to expect if you choose to use them yourself.)

– Resources and links to help shape your career and improve sales.

– The “Pessimist meter.” which analyzes a different book promotion strategy every week.

– Advice on how to stay self-motivated through the “drag” periods.

– Entertaining and engaging content (sometimes)

I can’t promise you’ll make money off your fiction, but I can promise that I can get you thousands of downloads and it doesn’t have to cost thousands to get there.

So take a moment of time, download this book, and keep it as a reference at the very least. This is all carefully collected and tested information, and the results are published to serve you and us as a community, in the hope that we can all keep constantly improving.

Good luck in your self-publishing endeavors! There will be many more issues to come. Now please, buy this book and inform yourself so you can protect and build what matters to you – your career – your books. All episodes either $.099 or free.



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