The Realest Guy in the Room

Serious Reading recommends: “The Realest Guy in the Room”

From his humble beginnings as a Mid Michigan farm boy, Dan Severn exploded onto the amateur wrestling scene as the most heavily recruited wrestler in NCAA history. After injuries and backroom dealings railroaded his Olympic dreams, Severn’s initial failure to provide for his family led him down a path that turned him into “The Beast” – the most feared fighter of the UFC’s no-holds-barred era. In the process, Severn became one of professional wrestling’s hottest free agents, and one of its most copied performers.

Pulling no punches in his award winning** autobiography, Severn addresses every aspect of his various combat careers, including his exclusion from the 1984 Olympic Wrestling Team, his overnight rise to the top of the MMA world, his “rivalry” with Ken Shamrock, how his reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion gave rise to the modern independent wrestling scene, and how it felt to be the most legitimately feared and ignored champion in WWE history.

Whether you’re a fan of amateur wrestling, mixed martial arts or professional wrestling, this autobiography stands as a testament to the fact that Dan “The Beast” Severn will always be “The Realest Guy in the Room.”

** – MLW Radio Network Editor’s Choice Award, June 2016

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