Tommy Fraga won’t rest until he has acknowledged every story, every problem, and every issue of which the world needs to hear. New to the world of fiction, Fraga hit the ground running with his confident writing and a uniquely captivating charm of storytelling. When you open Fraga’s books, you cannot help getting hooked to them. If Fraga keeps going at the same pace, he might end up making history.

The Knave Stratagem is a story about a war we lose each and every day. It is not just the characters of the book who had to lose sleep over this matter, it is a real life issue of which many have already lost sleep. As we see advocates, bureaucrats, our government, and our justice system, fighting ineptly and halfheartedly against crimes such as child molestation, rape, online bullying, and murder, criminals continue carrying out their atrocities.

While victims end up losing the purpose of their lives, it is the criminals who are painted as the sufferers by the media. With such a pathetic system ruling over humanity, victims continue to be victimized, criminals continue to terrorize, and the worst part is, there is no way to tell who from who. The doctor who examined you today might be a child molester; the sweet old man you greet every day might be a rapist, and your neighbor, who you think is a tech genius, might well be an online predator. So, the question remains, “how do we really win this war we are only an inch away from losing?” The answer is, “knowledge, awareness, and empathy.” The Knave Stratagem gives us all of that.

By the reading of this novel, you will find it impossible to contain your tears as you read about the human atrocities children have gone through, and what their lives have been thereafter. On popular demand, this book by Fraga has been signed on for a motion picture as well.

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