Letters to My Late Father: A Memoir – Book Review

There is a strange thing about memoirs. If not done right, they lose all the essence of truly touching someone’s heart and becoming a story everyone would want to read, be it for inspiration or paying tribute to someone you dearly love. But, when an author like David L. Bragen pours out his heart on paper, there is not much that could go wrong.

A memoir that reads like a story of his late father, David has tried to bring to light his father’s life and his personal liking for him for the man he was. Originally from Los Angeles but now a native of California, Letters to My Late Father: A Memoir is David’s first published book, one which he scripted right after his father passed away.

The story is about struggles, love, sacrifices, beliefs and most importantly, hope. David’s father was not an ordinary man. He lived a life full of experiences that made him the man he was. David always sought inspiration from him. He was a man who was not easily discouraged and believed that everything that happened was for the best. Even in the worst of times, he never lost hope. A firm believer in God and his devotion towards his creation, David tells a story about a man who he deeply loved and in the later part of the story, regrets all those things he never got the time to tell him.

Through this heartfelt memoir, he tries to tell all the readers that we are much more than what others tell us. Like his father, we too can aim for the impossible and with strong will and devotion can achieve the impossible.

It is philosophical and thought-provoking and leaves the readers thinking about their own realities and how much more they can be. Indeed a good and emotional read, fans of good literature will feel it was worth every penny they paid.

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