Rising Above the Pain – Book Review

Rising Above the Pain is a memoir by Julie Hanft. She was born in Simi Valley, California, and grew up there. Now she lives with her husband in Birch Bay, WA. She had a passion for reading and writing from an early age. She was diagnosed with a life threatening disease, Lupus, in 1984, and also experienced a traumatizing event when she was just 17 years of age. Although these harsh events took a downward spiral, which lead her life to a path on which she wouldn’t have traveled down otherwise, she thinks that these events have shaped her life to what it is today, and have made her a greater person, for which she is quite grateful.

Julie Hanft has shared her experiences while battling the disease Lupus in her inspiring memoir, Rising Above the Pain. She has not only conveyed what struggles and complications she had to go through with this horrible disease, but how she learned to live with that pain and rise above it. Anyone suffering from this disease, or any other chronic life threatening disease, will be able relate with her story and learn life lessons from it that one should never give up.

By reading this memoir, readers will be able to gain hope and strength that they can deal with their pain and overcome their medical problems. Readers will feel like the author is empathizing with not only their pain caused by the medical condition, but also the torment they are going through that is destroying their self-esteem and morale from the inside.

The author decided to share her story and let the people, who are suffering from chronic conditions, know how they can ‘rise above the pain ’, and start living their life back again. Another great thing about this book is that the author has dedicated a portion of the book sales to the Lupus Foundation, which is working towards finding a cure for this disease.

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