Broken Child Mended Man – Book Review

Broken Child Mended Man is the autobiography of the author Adam Starks himself, a former foster youth who defied the typical outcome. He is a PhD and aspiring child advocate who envisions a better today for society’s vulnerable youth.

His purpose includes empowering the youth and encouraging the society to realize the potential of every student. He also provides his external assistance to the disadvantaged youth to help transcend unfortunate events resulting from negative experiences in their early lives. Dr Starks is willing to do whatever it takes to help as many children he can to succeed in this world. Adam Starks now lives with his wife and three children happily.

In this autobiography, Adam Starks provides a candid account of the turbulence he faced during his early life while he was in foster care. Amid the daily struggles he faced during the years, Adam shares how he remained steadfast toward achieving his goals and the people who supported him in the times of need. Dr Starks emphasizes the fact that society should not give up on the struggling youth. They are fighting unimaginable internal battles but have the potential to accomplish so much more in life.

        “To be broken, offers a chance to be restored to a more beautiful and resilient state of mind” – Adam Starks, PhD

Broken Child Mended Man provides inspiration for anyone out there looking for strength and currently facing life’s adversities and can easily relate it to their own struggle. The book is a testimony for anyone who wants to overcome the trials faced in their lives and in realizing their ultimate worth. This autobiography illuminates a child’s struggle well in making a place for himself in the world by spanning the foster care system, the rural poverty, and racism. Starks is brutally honest with himself and his readers in this book.

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