Everythng But The Kitchen Sink, A Writer’s Memoir

From his early years, Chester Campbell acquired a passion for flying. It caused him to volunteer for Aviation Cadet training in the latter stages of World War II. But our success in the air wars over Europe and the Far East dashed his hopes. The Army Air Forces bounced him about the Training Command until the war ended before he got to pilot training. This resulted in a new-found interest in writing. After studying journalism at the University of Tennessee, Campbell has spun words as a newspaper reporter, freelance journalist, political speechwriter, advertising copywriter, magazine editor, public relations pro and fiction writer. He has pursued the writing game for 70 years in just about every facet of the profession, hitting the lows of a failed attempt at short-story writing and enjoying the highs of editing his own creation called Nashville Magazine.  He has written five Greg McKenzie mystery novels, two Sid Chance mysteries, a Post Cold War Political Thriller Trilogy and a standalone suspense novel. Everything But The Kitchen Sink is his thirteenth published book, including a history of his former church. After an interlude as an Air Force intelligence officer in Seoul during the Korean War, he served in the Air National Guard and Reserves until retiring as a lieutenant colonel. This book tells the story from his birth a few years before the start of the Great Depression through periods of heartbreak and good fortune, leaving out none of the gritty details, hence the title Everything But The Kitchen Sink.


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