ELEPHANT TEARDROPS: the unforeseen passage into homelessness

Reader Reviews for ELEPHANT TEARDROPS…


“…I just finished a brand new book, Elephant Teardrops by Donna Brenneis and I suggest you give it a look!  Although it’s an autobiography of one woman’s fall into homelessness, there is no ‘woe is me’ in this book!  Just a wonderful well-written saga of a woman thrust into the unknown and frightening maelstrom of homelessness in the Greatest Country in the World.  She vividly reports on her fellow homeless – those who live a nomadic life one-step ahead of being ticketed for parking overnight, those unexpectedly removed or locked out of their homes.  Those homeless for years due to economy downturns, illness, and just horrible luck…As she wanders about in Sil-B (her beloved Mini), as dire as her situation is, she finds joy in her surroundings and in the stalwart people she meets on both sides of the economic spectrum.  Wonderful insight.  Beautiful writing.  I thoroughly recommend this book!”  Jacqueline Milano, former IT professional.


“I loved your book!  Thanks for writing it….The Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center…will want copies too….I will donate some to them for their upcoming auction…Good for people who are homeless and those who want to understand the experiences of someone wearing those shoes.”  Elise Peeples, Author, Community Mediator and Founder of Soundrivers.net.


“I love it!  I’m reading the book slowly because almost each sentence can stand-alone as a poem or a stanza from one.  It is so packed with compassion and interest…thank you for this beautiful treatise of homelessness in America, giving faces to this tragedy.  Though you told a tragic tale, you painted it with honor and dignity….There is hope, and much of that begins with people being able to see the individuals behind the statistics.  I hope your book gets the exposure it deserves.”  Laurie Kandel, Home Health Care Worker.


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