Echoes in the Walls

An old house awakens long-forgotten dreams and the wheels of change are set in motion. This ridiculous but true story chronicles one family selling a brand new home in a lovely neighborhood to renovate a century home in the country.

The fantastical dreams and hopes fade immediately when the newer home sells the first day it is listed on the market. Instead of having months to make the renovations, they have just ninety days to convert a decrepit, should have been bulldozed, Pre-Civil War home into a habitable place to raise a family.

Nothing is what it seems, obstacles litter the path, and friends and family see only their imminent demise.

Never could they foresee the obstacles they would encounter: bats in the attic, skeletons in the cellar, raccoons in the bedroom, crumbling cisterns, open wells, a flood, a hazardous oil spill and an infinite number of projects all gone hopelessly awry. The remodeling problems, deadlines and issues will drive them to the brink of sanity, and unify them in ways they could never envisioned. Laughter is still the best medicine.

It turns into a harrowing, hilarious roller coaster of a ride. As the house endures monumental changes, the family must evolve as well.

Echoes in the Walls dares readers to take a chance on change and to wear life’s bruises proudly.

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