I am Enough – Book Review

A mother, CPA, and now a grandmother too, Cheryl Miguel lived with lupus for fifteen years. This is her heart-wrenching memoir depicting her struggles both physical and emotional. She watched her father slowly disappear from lupus and knew what was coming for her. But she didn’t give up. Instead her story is about healing, not pain.

I am Enough: My Journey of Self-Discovery and Acceptance is a courageous trial of a woman who dedicated this book to all those who had or are still going with the same struggles as her. It’s not a book, but enlightenment, about what to expect when you are fighting not only a disease but also a battle against flawed humanity.

The memoir opens up with a woman on a floor who had been previously preparing a dinner for herself. Left unconscious and unattended to for several hours, when she finally gains back her consciousness, she after many tries isn’t able to stand up. So she decides to crawl to the phone and call one of her daughters or 911 for help. But instead of making the call she goes into an existential midpoint, thinking why she was there lying on the floor in her own urine in the first place.

She mourns her relationship with an office colleague Dave, who had constant conflicts with her teenage daughters. Although she loves her daughters and wants them to be independent, she secretly resents them for not being there for her in time of need.  Not much later does she realize her pain is not only physical but is as much emotional and that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

Even if she heals physically, will she ever feel the same again emotionally and forgive everyone around her?

The struggles of this one woman battling through the toughest time of her life will leave all the readers with teary eyes. The romantic turmoil and pain experienced by her is a truly remarkable and inspiring read. It preaches all readers that there isn’t an end unless you are content with whom you are and that it is enough to make you happy.

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