Becoming Me (…Again) by Tristan C Szente

Becoming Me200Every single being has a story. That story, however short or long, is a precious gift that should be shared with all. Some of them may be tragic, some cause laughter, and others leave the reader scratching their heads in awe. At the end of the day though, these stories give all who read them a new view through a different life. The author hopes to show others his own experiences through Becoming Me (…Again).

Sometimes, life isn’t fair and gives out hardships that seem all but impossible to live from. This story follows a life-altering motor vehicle accident to almost certain death in a hospital. For some unknown reason to the author, he did not die though. Instead, he was given a second lease on life. Something not everyone is afforded.

It really is okay to take a moment to appreciate the little things. Life really can change in the blink of an eye; one moment, the wind can be whistling past on a motorcycle and the next, awakening in a hospital bed for a final time. While it may seem bleak on numerous occasions, life is also filled to the brim with hope. The author of this book lived, after all. He is living proof that miracles really do happen and second chances can be given if they are fought hard enough for.

The road of life will never be an easy one, but hopefully by peering through the window of this book, it will be found that all the struggling will be worth it at the end. And who knows, maybe a song from a trailing songbird will accompany on whatever journey is to follow all who read Becoming Me (…Again).

Tristan C Szente


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