The Darkness of My Shattered Heart – Book Review

Elizabeth Jordan had already lost too much at a very young age, and life didn’t get any easier for her later either. At a young age of 17, her first ever boyfriend passed away in a car accident, and soon after that, when she was finally able to gather the resolve and courage to date again, she lost her fiancé in an accident. That accident was her breaking point. Following that, she spent months in her room, soaking and drowning in vodka and gin. She spent over a year locked up in her room. Her health deteriorated down to a point where she needed critical medical attention. Fate had worse yet in store for her, with one of her surgeries going wrong. While everything in her life touched the lowest point, she could think about one thing and one thing only: committing suicide.

People who loved Elizabeth couldn’t bear to see her constantly enduring such immense pain, and many of them walked out of her life because they were unable to watch her ruin her life to a point where there might be no return. As more and more of her loved ones left her life, she spiraled deeper into the abyss of despair due to loneliness and depression. Her personal demons were more than enough to put her on the path of self-hatred, but it didn’t stop there. She was also dealing with a sister who refused to comply with their mother’s dying wishes, and a nephew who was going through a terrible meth addiction.

This book is dark, full of inner demons, and extremely personal. Reading Elizabeth’s struggle will make you feel many deep emotions – of love, despair, terrible loss, and getting back up and picking up the shattered pieces of life together. It’s a very inspiring story of seeing the darkest of times and still making it out successfully – especially the struggle that goes into getting there. It’s a recommended read for people who are in desperate need of a motivation.

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