The Magic Within: How To Transform Your Life by Alan Wade and Cindy Preston

The Magic Within: How To Transform Your LifeThe Magic Within is an inspiring and powerful book that provides concepts and practical solutions that you can utilize to transform your life.

The authors write about their experiences and use their educational background to offer the reader both traditional and new age approaches to create transformational change.  It combines psychological and spiritual concepts offering tremendous hope to those who are struggling and tools to set you on a powerful and magical journey.

If you are not living the life you have dreamed about. Then take a moment and decide that you are going to change your life and improve the way you live.  Living a life of peace and joy can be attained if you truly are willing to have an open mind and employ some new ways of living.

Quote form the Magic within “Life is not about what you have done in the past or what has been done to you. It is about what you do today”. Today can be your first step to making the changes you have been thinking about.

The inner magic that Alan and Cindy describe within these pages is available to you.  You are born with the ability to tap into this magic and create an incredible future for yourself.

You have an unmistakable inner power that resides inside of you, which you can ignite.  You are the magic, yes it is within you.  Your new journey awaits! Your future is not tomorrow it is today.

Alan Wade and Cindy Preston


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