Cross Gate by A.F. Roberts

A.F. Roberts is a native Phoenician, who has made his career path in the print and newspaper industry; still doing so at Short Run Printing, in Phoenix, AZ.

He began the CROSS-GATE novel series about eight years ago, just after working at a local monthly newspaper. Having had some journalistic opportunities there, the progression into creative writing came next.

Combining the Stargate concept with the icon of the Christian Cross, the notion of a ‘gate’ by which to cross over to the other side was birthed. Enhancing the idea even more, the element of the dream-gate was brought into play; the structure dream-walkers use as a portal to join together in shared dreaming. This became a driving force in the connection between most of the story’s characters, as well as providing an intriguing hook to draw the reader into these dream-walkers’ world.

Roberts is a member of the family of authors at Arizona Publishing Services, where CROSS GATE is published, out of Mesa, Arizona. Cross Gate is book one of three – yet to launch are EARTH GATE and CROSS OVER. Earth Gate is a sci-fi fantasy take on a Rapture-type event; while Cross Over looks at the full-on apocalypse and end-of-days, in the style only the Cross-Gate series can bring.

On the future horizon, a new story called Blood Light explores a parallel between the sacrament of Communion and vampirism, through the characters of Christopher, a Catholic priest and Charissa, a lady vampire.

Cross-Gate is available on Amazon. More information is available at and crossingthegate on Facebook.

A.F. Roberts


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