Poetic License: the poetry of Geddes Fielder

Poetic License: the poetry of Geddes FielderPoetic License, published in November 2016, is a book of poetry that looks at relationships and politics through a very personal lens. There are 84 pages and 34 poems in the book.   These poems were written over a period of 25 years, and I have many more that will be published in another volume in due time.

Like President Obama, I am a third generation kid (a kid who has two cultures in the home, and then lives and is educated in yet another country during their formative years).  This permeates every aspect of my writing.  An Italian mother and an English father make me culturally fortunate. As a child, from the age of five until the age of eight, I lived and went to school in Tuscany, Italy. From the age of ten until the age of 15, I attended a French Convent School in Nicosia, Cyprus.  Then as a teenager, I joined the WRAF and went back to Cyprus for two years at RAF Akrotiri.  I have lived in Spain and travelled extensively, including several personal trips to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I attended Metropolitan University in London, Salamanca University in Spain, and UCA in Nicaragua.  My poetry reflects my heritage, my world view created by my varied life experience, and is a snapshot of my emotional and political life.

To date, this book has received several 5-star ratings on Amazon and looks forward to more.

Geddes Fielder


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