The Endless Summer by R M Klein

The Endless Summer is a love story based on the lyrics of the early music of the Beach Boys. The book reads like you are a party to the summer fun of 1963 with the surfing, classic car cruising, and girl smooching on the West Coast and in Hawaiʻi. Ride with Rhonda Kramer as she steals her dad’s T-bird; drive with the Kelly kids as they cruise the El Camino Real; surf with Deacon Dean and the boys out in the cool Pacific Ocean; and come to love Cassandra Diamond as both Randy Kelly and Deacon did.

Danny Kelly’s getting married to Wendy! But will she go through with it? Or will the Island’s previous three-time Diamond Head Surf Open champion, Laolo Batuba, interfere with their plans? Deacon ends up shooting off his mouth about his prize Stingray, Darlyne, and so the Rat Race to Dead Man’s Peak is on! Who will win that deadly race and preserve their reputations there on the Island of Oahu? Dan Senior’s Cadillac lot could suffer if Deacon loses, but what would they suffer if he doesn’t race at all? And to top it off, youngest brother Garry has fallen for Lana—Laolo’s little sister! Will Garry’s twin sister, Cindy, elope with her boyfriend Dave while the co-op gang is there in Hawaiʻi, or will Dave run off and join the Navy? Find out who ends up with whom in this exciting novelization of the Beach Boys’ music.

You will recognize your favorite songs delivered in prose by these memorable characters and learn of other tunes you may never have heard about. The Kelly family’s vintage cars will inspire your nostalgia and take you back to a simpler, more wholesome time and the seemingly endless summer of “good vibrations.” Long live the Beach Boys!


R M Klein


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