The New Reign (Of Lite and Darke Book 1) by M. L. Ruscsak

The New Reign (Of Lite and Darke Book 1)Richland County, Ohio, 7th March 2017. Author and a mother M.L. Ruscsak (Melisa Ruscsak) is proud to launch her new fantasy novel, The New Reign (Of Lite and Darke Book 1).

‚ĶLives entwine, sometimes things, or parents do come back to hurt their children. And sometimes those hurts make them stronger…

This intriguing fantasy novel is about Princess Nisha who lost both of her parents eighteen years ago to a tragic fire or at least that is what she had been told. As Nisha comes to her homeland where she is to rule, not even a day after being there she realizes everything that she knew about her parent’s death had been a lie.


She felt something always felt wrong about the story. Something off to the point that it didn’t make sense yet no one had ever wanted to believe her. Not when she became Queen of the Under Kingdom when she was barely thirteen. Not when her powers started to grow to frightening results. No, she had decided after she was crowned the Queen of Darke as her mother had planned then she would find all the answer that she wanted… regardless of who or what stood in her way.

With the help of her betrothed and cousin, they slowly start to piece together what is real and what historical facts had been changed.


M. L. Ruscsak


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