7 Reasons Why World Must Read Indian Rom-Coms

Logically Stupid, That's LoveThis is a guest post by Shikha Kumar, author of “Logically Stupid, That’s Love“.

Shikha Kumar is one of India’s prominent writers. Her first book ‘He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him’ has signed on dotted lines for a film deal. Her second book, ‘Logically Stupid that’s Love’ is winning hearts all over.

She also writes columns for various websites often. She’s known for her witty and entertaining writing style. She’s professionally an IT -Manager with a Pharmaceutical company, and also a mother, wife, chocolate-lover and a traveler at heart.

Shikha Kumar


Rom-Com genre is often looked down as an easy bet to write, however, truth is entirely contrasting. Since it’s a favorite and most-read genre, it gets even more challenging to write a good and different love story that tickles your funny bone too.

India loves Romances and here are 7 reasons why the world must also shower love to Indian Rom-Coms.

India knows Love

Globally India is known for it’s everlasting and at times, timeless love stories. Indian lovers give out relationship goals often; their commitment and fidelity continue to awe the world since ages. So when it comes to Romance genre, don’t even think twice if you’re looking for a story that makes you believe in love all over again.

India's in its most interesting phase socially

Indian youth presently is experiencing the most dynamic whirlwind of the nation’s history. Social media, education, Western influences – the list of factors goes on, over what makes this generation most happening and daring. They are challenging social practices and vocal like never before. So, when you are in middle of such paradigm shifts, stories are bound to be interesting and laced with fun, sarcasm, twists, and turns.

The sense of humor sharper than ever

In conjugation with the fact above, today’s Indian writers have developed entertainment quotient as an outcome of ‘breaking bad’. Where at one time there were only intense literature and preaching, today’s fiction aisle is embellished with many lighthearted and funny reads too. So, putting love and wit together in its best form, Indian Rom-Com promises to leave you with a little laugh and a hearty smile.

Flirting and not sexting

Indian love doesn’t begin with jumping the bed. Love, traditionally a slow process there, and that is the prime reason it gets so deep-rooted. Consequently, in most of the relatable and believable Indian novels, you won’t find eroticism, not at least in first few chapters. The focus primarily remains on how love blossomed and traveled, and that what makes them an entertaining read.

Boost-up talented Indian authors

Believe it or not, in India, there are favorite authors who’ve called their own books terrible and yet such awful books made it to bestsellers’ read. Indian readers often get blinded by extensive marketing, PR stunts and what not. Hence, to encourage better talented Indian authors, the world must read based on genuine reviews. What more, there’s been a while any Indian romantic movie has set the box-office on fire. Read more novels, so that Indian filmmakers look beyond their handful scriptwriters and invest their bucks and believe in promising writers.

Simple English reaches all

While there’s some great literature happening in India, the Romance genre is relatively easier on vocabulary to attain a larger readership. Since English is not the mother tongue yet popular language in India, most people understand but prefer it simple. Rom-Com lately is one section where authors attempt not to make it convoluted and keep it simplistic. And since it’s simplified for mass outreach in India, it can be an easy read for many countries where English is spoken as a second language. And of course, have the capability to be cherished where English is mother tongue.

Bollywood flavor

Let’s admit, every writer dreams of his/her book being adapted into a movie some day. Indian authors are no different, and so few of them write what would make a blockbuster some day. Bollywood flavors come handy when reading enthralling Desi Rom-Com. There’s flirt, spice, witty conversations and eternal love just like any Bollywood flick. Fasten your seatbelt to get soaked in Entertainment.

In the end, as I always say – Hope my book reaches your bookshelf and your heart.

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