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ENCHANTING ECHOESThis is a guest post by Grace Ruto, author of “Enchanting Echoes”.

In life we adhere to change. Our realities are a reflection of the hopes and dreams we hold dear to our hearts, yet sometimes we fail to achieve that which we so desire. It is through exploration of this vast universe of expanse that we can find answers. My books are to be an eye opener, a guide to understanding what is within your heart and soul, and to draw you closer to your soul purpose in this mortality.

Each book was written at different stages in my life, and talk about the quintessential ingredient we must exercise- faith- to be able to have all that we desire in this life. Life is a progression. You are on this mighty ship of life, chart your destiny. Let me help you unlock the hidden mysteries within.

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Well, when it comes to inspiration, it is often thought that we need to change ourselves or develop new concepts to being able to learn and to progress in life. Even though most of this is true, inspiration can also be a thought provoking poem, an idea or a story. Inspiration is a channel whereby we can feel good or better to learn something new and incorporate it in our lives. It is through inner exploration and self understanding that we can face the diversity of our challenges. We need to chart our own true path in life, and for this, we can seek inspiration, to find our voice within.

Reality is so as it seems to be. Complete acceptance of our current situations is the first thing we must do to be able to acclimatize to change. Inspiration is a channel for unearthing our inner desires and our inner dreams. Sometimes nature can be a great inspiration, through its simplicity and wonder. Bridging the gap between acceptance of our lives, and desiring to find our inner truth, can be an enjoyable journey that gives our lives more meaning.

It is through inspiration that we can begin to truly feel our inner feelings. Inspirational books serve this purpose. It brings our minds to understanding of our inner fears and troubles, and can help elevate us to coming into the fruition of manifesting in our temporal world our inner most desires.

We are connected to a higher energy or power within our hearts. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The divine  energy is within us. We just need to acknowledge it and through inspiration we can learn to channel our divine energies. Life is a series of dreams, hopes, expectations, trials and tribulations. Difficult as life may seem sometimes, we have to believe in ourselves to be able to overcome the trials that come our way.

Throughout life, we are going through a process. When we are children, life feels so easy and carefree. As we grow, we come into responsibilities. We grow and learn, until we begin to chart our own destinies. Inspirational books give us direction to help us to begin to take the necessary steps to be able to emerge from our inner darkness to the light. And once you’ve found the light, don’t let it go. Trust the new journey.

For when you’ve found your inner peace, happiness and self love, you will be living a fulfilling life, without even having attachments to material things to bring us joy and happiness. Through inspirational books, we can gain the tools we need to apply into our lives to help us to rediscover ourselves. To be grounded, to be hopeful, to feel that we belong, and that we too can enjoy the happiness that life can bring.

Inspirational books, are the threshold of a new phase of building the confidence we need to be able to cope or deal with life’s challenges. We encompass all that is good in our lives, and if we can find the strength within, we can be victors and heroes n our own life story. It has been said that life is a stage, and we are all actors. It has also been said, that life is a journey, and not a destination.

In matters of love, romance and life, we have to take our chances. Chance is all there is that we can find the light that guides us. Inspirational books can also help us to discover our inner wisdom. We all have choices in life. Making the good and right choices in life can help us to develop our inner compass through inspiration.

Throughout all the complexities of life, inspiration can cast a golden light, come to terms with what is and shine a light through the fears and insecurities, that weigh us down. We can then bring into fruition the alignment we so desire in our lives.  Inspirational books can help us to see the clearer picture, and open our eyes to a new world filled with surprise, a new, better and different way to look at things, so that our lives will be transformed in a positive way.

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