Best 20 Books of 2015 You Should Read

Can you describe the joy of reading books in words? I think you can’t. Reading enables you to get that break you need in life after many challenges or even chaos. It offers you the peace of mind as well as exercising your brain, leaving you a totally different person. When you are reading the books, you get yourself into the world of the writer of the book. In most times, you also create a world of your own. If you are a reader of books, you can agree that reading books improve how you think.

Books make you realize who you are especially when you start reading them from a young age. If you have fallen in love with books, here are the best 20 books of 2015 you should read:

Fates and Furies – Lauren Groff’s

The book revolves around a marriage. The novel shows how the examinations of relationship that lasts long could be an excellent vehicle for going across not less exploring the nature of existence. The book involves a husband, Lancelot, an irresistible beacon of let’s say, good will as well as good faith. The opening paragraphs of the book introduce him as well as his wife, Mathilde. Wordplay starts with the name of the husband, Lancelot, which is lotto linking it to lotteries. Lotto is the main character surrounded by fate and destiny. From the start of the book, fate seems to look much on him with benevolence. His parents and aunt believe that lotto is destined to greatness. Despite unending challenges, lotto achieves world fame.

Between the World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates

This is a story from father to his adolescent son. The book offers to understand the nation’s history, race, and the current crisis. The people of America have built an empire on the poor idea of race. An idea he says damages the entire world and, in particular, the black men and women through slavery and segregation. The book generally tries to answer how we can stop the fraught history and free from its burden. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates brighten the past, confronts our today lifestyle while at the same time offering a solution.

Becoming Nicole – Amy Ellis Nutt

The book talks about a transgendered childhood that changed the world. It pictures a girl and her identical twin brother who thought that their beautiful lives were complete. They, however, noticed that there was a difference between Jonas and his brother where Jonas loved sports and trucks, but Wyatt preferred princess dolls and other things that girls like. Wyatt’s insistence on being female would have torn the family apart, but it brought them together. This happened because of the mother’s instincts that the child required acceptance and love as opposed to disapproval and rejection.

An Ember In the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir

The book involves a story of Laia, a slave, and Elias, a soldier, but none of them is free. In the martial empire, the pay to defiance is death. Those who are not loyal to the emperor risk the execution and destruction of their loved ones and all that they hold respectively. Laia lives with his elder brother. The family lives in this empire characterized with impoverished backstreets, but they can’t challenge the emperor due to seeing what happens to those who have tried doing it. Laia’s brother is arrested of treason and laia is forced to make a hard decision. She is forced by the rebels spy the empire’s greatest military academy to free his brother. She approaches a school’s finest soldier who soon together with Laia will realize their destiny.

The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah

It’s a love book. In this quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne says goodbye to her longtime husband, Antoine. She doesn’t imagine the Nazis, invading France, but they do, killing the innocent. When a German captain reaches Vianne’s home, He gives them a choice; to live together with the enemy or else die. She is forced to do what will keep her family alive.

The Wright Brothers – David Mccullough

The writer tells a story of brave brothers who taught the whole world the way to fly. Wilbur and Orville Wright, Ohio brothers, changed history. You wouldn’t believe what they made happen. They began flying, with the first, machines carrying a pilot. The two brothers, who were unschooled, were full of determination and courage as well as curiosity. Despite all challenges; the little money, lack of contracts among others, they still stayed focused.

H Is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald’s

It is a breathtaking book that uses words that mimic feathers so excellently. Her memoir is quite straightforward. She loses her bearings immediately after the sudden death of her father. It makes her retreat from the ordinary human world. She will bring up a young goshawk, which is hard to tame. The goshawk is bloodier, bulkier, deadlier, and scarier than all other hawks tend to be confused. Helen has grown obsessed with birds that she now trains them and knows what she has to do with them.

Purity – Jonathan Franzen

The two central characters in the novel are a middle aged American Tom, who runs an award-winning website for purely investigative journalism while a second central character is German by the name Andreas wolf who runs a WikiLeaks-like site known as the Sunlight project. The novel shows love affair of Andrea’s and top respectively as they travel across continents. Andreas is a son to top ranking official father and a professor mother. He is brilliant charismatic but can be unpleasant at times with a lot of appetite for masturbation. Tom, a son to an American father and a mother who migrates to America from Germany, is intelligent responsible but ends up falling in love with the crazy heiress in college.

Hold Still – Sally Mann

The book is full of illustrations with family snapshots, other people’s photos and she owns’ as well as documents and letters. The book describes life in a very dramatic manner than one can imagine. It talks of a daughter to a rebellious doctor from lixington, Sally who was a college student when she fell for Larry Mann. Larry’s father was also a doctor, but whose parents are shown as fanatical social climbers. When their son’s girlfriend seemed unlikely to speed their upward mobility, they tried to fight the marriage.

The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

The narrative talks about three women Rachel, Megan and Anna, whose lives are tragically interlinked. The first scene shows Rachel just from working back to the suburbs only that she is carrying 4 cans of gin and tonic inside her bag. It’s a Friday and so that’s allowed. As she travels back, she passes near her old home where her ex-husband now lives with Anna, his current wife. She is now becoming obsessed by the two living together she envies the couple too much that she calls them Jason and Jess. She is even day dreaming about the couple. Until this day when she comes across something; she reads the papers that Jess has vanished…

Suddenly one summer – Julie James

The books feature a divorce lawyer Victoria who has seen unhappy endings in marriage. It doesn’t mean that she hates casual dating – not with her new cocky neighbors. She starts on a sister’s case and as usual she is determined to win even if it takes teaming up with an investigative journalist Ford Dixon. The journalist teams up with her despite being secretly in love with this brunette. The more they stay and work together, the more they are getting attracted to each other.

Four Nights with the Duke – Eloisa James

As a beautiful young girl, Emilia Carrington told the bothersome Duke of Pindar, which she would end up marrying any man in the whole world before him. As the years pass, she realizes that she has nowhere to turn. Evander broody has his justified reasons for agreeing to the audacious proposal by Mia but under a condition. He will be spending just four nights a year with her. And he will do this when she begs for it.

Against the Tide – Elizabeth Camden

This is a romance novel uses Lydia Pallas as the main character. She realizes that she has a talent for translation, that later grants her a stable job in the U.S Navy. Her talent brings her together with Alexander Banebridge commonly referred to ‘Bane’ a man who is attracted to her. He hires Lydia to translate certain European documents which she hesitates but later agrees only for her to discover that she is in all over her head. Later in the story Bane is shown as a loner with full of obsessions of redemptions and revenge. A character like him needs a strong counterpart that Lydia does excellently.

Dead Awake – Erik Larson

Back in May 1915, a Cunard liner Lusitania, the fastest ship by then, steaming its way from New York all the way to Liverpool was hit by a German submarine. It sank in 18 minutes killing more than 1198 passengers. However, 764 people survived. This attack caused indignation, especially in the US. The U.s established rules meant to protect their crews. Larson is much interested in U.S passengers. He gives scant attention to the passengers, though.

The Library At Mount Char – Scott Hawkins

A library here has the secrets to the universe. A woman seems too busy to notice her heart is slipping away. Carolyn is not that different from the people around her. She sniffs cigarettes, likes guacamole and steak. She is an expert while using her phone. That was a long time ago before her parents died. She and her siblings were taken by the one they call their father. Since then she hasn’t had much time to explore the world. She has been raised in the way of his father customs reading books in his father’s library and learned some valuable secrets. And soon Carolyn gathers the required tools to start the battle. The fierce competitors are fiercely against this. But she has a plan.

Stranger Than We Can Imagine – John Higgs

This book presents a confusing century as written through ideas produced through sciences, culture and arts in consideration. It uses casts that are well familiar like Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and Francis Crick among other yet to be known geniuses like Shigeru Miyamoto Edward Lorenz, Sergey Korolyov, and Timothy Leary. Higgs tries to explore the extremes of the 20th century and consequently how the world of individuals came to be. The book will make you view the 20th century in a very different dimension.

Furiously Happy – Jenny Lawson

This is one of the funniest books I ever read. It’s a hysterical book about crippling anxiety and depression. It explains her life battle with mental illnesses. However, Jenny tells some terrible ideas she does best. She says that being furiously happy is just a mere excuse to be irresponsible and stupid and inviting many kangaroos to your house without notifying your husband about it because you probably think that he hates them. He talks about how his husband would have been clear about the number of kangaroos he should have preferred before she rented them. The book is full of other ridiculous ideas.

Humans Of New York: Stories – Brandon Stanton

Dating back to 2010, an ambitious photographer started an ambitious project to create a [photographic census of New York. He got support from his audience growing to the current count of 15 million. His book, Humans of New York, was published in 2013 which ended up topping the New York Times’ best seller. He is currently back with Humans of new York: Stories which now features a new group of people is ravishing photographs.

Our Souls At Night – Kent Haruf

The book presents the story of a man and a woman who join hands to fight certain events of their lives. In a setting of Holt, Colorado, Home to Kent Haruf, a visitor, Addie Moore pays an unexpected visit to his neighbor, Louis waters. Her husband died a while ago just as the wife. Addie was somewhat fond of Louis wife who has long been living alone especially with nobody to talk to.

Nimona – Noelle Stevenson

The novel from this rising star is based on her critically acclaimed webcomic that slate granted its cartoonist studio prize by referring to it “a deadpan epic”. Nimona is an impetuous young shapeshifter with an aptitude for villainy. Lord Blackheart is a desperado with a vendetta. The mission here is to prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Golden loin and the people at the institution of law are not the heroes anyone thinks they are. But as some acts unveil into the vicious battle, blackheart realizes that Nimona powers are so mysterious just as her past.

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