Why Reading Paper Books is Better

Reading provides us with a number of benefits in and of itself. There have been a number of studies that have shown that reading throughout the course of a person’s lifetime can result in the prevention of mental decline. In addition to keeping your minds sharp while increasing your knowledge base, reading has the ability to enhancing a person’s sense of empathy.

One aspect that many do not take in to account is the manner in which you read. It is the manner that can have an impact on your mental as well as physical health. Within our world that has become expressly technologically driven, the long beloved paperback book has been replaced by electronic devices. It appears that it is no longer very practical to read a traditional paperback book.

Even with the abundance of technology that surrounds us, there is something special as well as quite simplistic about reading a thrilling tale from a paperback as opposed to from an e-book. Unlike electronic devices, a paperback book offers no distractions. You are able to focus solely on the story being laid out before you within the pages of the paperback. Electronic devices do not shield you from text messages, email, social media updates and more.

Therefore, rather than fully enjoying the beautiful piece of literature before you, you are reminded of your bustling real life and never truly engulfed in the tale. This, in turn, has caused a number of researchers to thoroughly examine the differences between reading via an e-book and reading via a traditional paperback book. A great number of the studies have found that the reading of paperback books garner a plethora of advantages over their electronic counterparts. One of the major benefits is the fact that traditional books do not interfere with a person’s sleep at all.

Important Information Can Be Missed

kindke-reader-smallIn the year 2014, there was a study conducted that discovered that readers that utilize a Kindle device are far less competent in the recalling of events and plots within the books as opposed to paperback readers. Additionally, those that utilized e-books showed no increases in their levels of empathy within the real world. It has been postulated that the physical connection with a paperback book affords readers with a tangible solidity with the tale being unfolded before their eyes.

Additionally, the digitalization of literature often results in it becoming fragmented including links and disturbances that will lead readers away from the piece and onto varied destinations on the internet. For instance, those that read e-books via an iPad are afforded too many avenue to take “breaks”. It has been consistently proven that in order for information to be properly retained, it must be read in undisturbed, long periods of time.

E-Books Disturb Times of Rest

A study that was recently conducted via Harvard University uncovered that reading an e-book before bedtime decreased the production of an imperative sleep hormone, melatonin. Due to this decline, it took people far longer to fall fast asleep or created a decline in deep sleep which resulted to fatigue during the next day. It is believed that this is caused by the light being emitted from the device shining into the reader’s yes. This is in stark contrast of the fact that with a traditional paperback book, given that with a traditional book a reader is only exposed to light reflected from the pages.

Additionally, there have been studies that prove that sleep deficiency has the ability to lead to an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity as well as cardiovascular disease. Reading from a traditional book has been proven to help people sleep much better due to the fact that undisturbed reading is able to take a person’s mind off of the stresses of everyday living.

Screens Equal Stress

Reading is able to help a person destress far quicker that having a cup of tea, taking a brisk walk or listening to music. This is according to the findings of a study that was conducted in the year 2009. As researchers began to measure muscle tension as well as heart rate they uncovered that people began to relax within a mere six minutes of beginning to read. Unfortunately, utilizing a reading device counteracts these findings. Actually, the use of a device may very well increase a person’s level of stress in a negative manner.

The repeated use of electronic devices at night has been linked to increased levels of stress, depression as well as fatigue within young adults. The constant use of technology tends to throw off a person’s circadian rhythms while fostering a shortened attention span and fractured focus. Therefore, instead of offering an escape (or break) from stress, an e-book simply provides us with a breeding ground for additional stress.


In Conclusion

Although it may see fairly out of style to pick up a traditional paperback book and delve into a daunting tale of perseverance or true crime, it is actually quite beneficial to your overall health. Trends and fads are all wonderful and have their time and place, but there is nothing that can take the place of feeling the pages of a book upon your fingers tips or falling off to sleep stepping into dreams inspired by the novel resting on your nightstand.

Additionally, as much as technology has advanced us as a society, it also causes us harm. From stress, depression, medical maladies as well as decreased comprehension. We have the ability to combat these side effects by simply picking up a traditional paperback book and embarking on a mental journey that will deliver us just the medicine that we so greatly need and deserve. With that being said, enhance your own life today and pick up a paperback book today.

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