How Can the Scrum Values Help You in a Job Interview?

Whether you are looking for a job as a scrum master or not, knowing the scrum values can benefit you in a job interview. Learn the values here.

Are you looking for a way to stand out as you prepare for a job interview?

Depending on the position you are seeking, it’s common to have anywhere between one and three interviews before an employer extends a job offer. In today’s economy, it’s important to have an edge over the competition.

Scrum values have gained popularity because they enable individuals to collaborate more effectively as a team to accomplish tasks in the workplace.

Read on to learn how scrum values can help you in your next job interview!


Courage is one of five core scrum values that will help you stand out from other job applicants.

As a potential employee, you can demonstrate your courage in a job interview by providing an example of when you were faced with a challenge in a previous position and did the right thing.

For example, there may be an example where you were faced with doing what was right versus taking the easier route as you made a decision.

Showing off the scrum value of courage is a way to show an employer that you aren’t afraid to work through tough problems.


Focus is an important scrum value that you should show to a potential employer.

After all, employers posting an open position have a wide range of applicants to choose from. Did you know that the average job posting has 118 applications?

An employer wants to see that you will be focused on your work tasks and doing what’s best for the business. By showing this off in a job interview, it increases the chance that an employer will be willing to take a risk on hiring you.


The scrum value of commitment revolves around being committed to doing the right thing and making your clients happy.

Depending on the industry you are interviewing to work in, your day-to-day tasks may revolve around customer service.

A job interview is a great opportunity to share with an employer an example of when you have put a customer’s interests before your own.

You can prepare for your next job interview by reviewing these scrum master interview questions.


Each employee of a company serves an important purpose and deserves the respect of the other members on the team.

The scrum value of respect means you have a level of admiration for your bosses and co-workers. For example, there may be things that you excel in that fellow employees struggle with.

By showing an interviewer that you are confident in yourself but respectful of others, you will be seen in a more positive light by a potential employer.


Openness is a scrum value that is crucial to being a successful employee.

By being an employee with an open mind, you are more willing to own up to your mistakes and finding ways to improve. By encouraging openness, this creates an environment where employees are more likely to be themselves and work together.

When you show a potential employer that you are open to new people and ideas, it reflects positively on you as a person.

Wrapping Up: Scrum Values Matter During Interviews

Being guided by scrum values can help you in your next job interview and beyond.

These values are important to a potential employer because they will help you excel in a new environment with other people who are smart and driven to succeed.

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