15 Fictional Characters You Wished Were Real

The world mourned when the Harry Potter series ended and Snape died, as he had managed to win us all over by the end. Most of us also held our breaths while watching Lord of the Rings, fingers crossed, and for good reason. After all, no one wanted the dark powers of Lord Sauron to take over and destroy Middle Earth.

In fact, not many people who adore fiction would deny the fact that characters hold a special place in our hearts and their grief feels like our grief and their loss as our loss. The characters we become attached to, reflect us and the people around us in real life. Whether it is reading a novel or watching a film, fictional characters make their special place in our hearts. Our favorite characters tend to move us in different ways in our real lives because we become attached to them. We find ourselves lost in the pages of the made-up world and every character that we come across feels like a friend, supporter, or mentor.

The characters we read about or watch feel like family because we enjoy their wit and humor, courage and determination, hidden in the dialogues of novels and acting in the movies. At one time or another, we have all wished certain characters would come to life for us. It may be to save us from our own thoughts, to encourage us to take the step forward in life or simply to entertain us. It is very emotional for a fiction reader to cope with the loss of their favorite characters, feeling almost as if we have lost a real life friend.

Here are 15 fictional characters you might have wished were real because we all need someone like that at one point in our life or another:


With his tall stature, white hair, and grey hat, which is also how he’s described in the famous Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit, written by the extremely creative J.R.R Tolkien, who doesn’t wish for a character full of wisdom like him to come to life? Gandalf was the wizard fighting against dark powers and doing everything in his power to protect Middle Earth from destruction. However, what he tells us is that information is the real power and learning is what makes you prepared for the obstacles ahead. He spent his due share of time among elves and hobbits and made himself knowledgeable about everything, which would allow him to make fight his battles in the right way. He was merry, eager and had a way with speech, which kept everyone under him motivated.


Christina Yang

Whether or not you have watched the famous television series based off on the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, you may have heard about Dr. Christina Yang. She is one hell of a tough woman who makes her way to the top in the surgical field, having started as just a surgical intern. How her relationships develop with her colleagues and how she climbs up that ladder is something we all need to look up to in our life. She is smart but she’s also blunt and that may create complications in her life but she’s someone who knows what she wants and how she has to achieve it. A role model such as her in our life could really do some of us good, especially those who are still struggling with our purpose of existence and sense of direction in life.


Bilbo Baggins

Another character which most of us would love to have in real life is Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. He is this feisty hobbit whose life revolves around the shire and who has no responsibilities in life until Gandalf arrives with a mission for him. Most of us can relate to the former part, perhaps if you’re one of the people who haven’t yet stepped out of their comfort zones to embrace life. What makes Bilbo’s character so central and a must on this list is the fact that in the face of hardship, trouble, and adventure, he decides not to live in his cocoon but rather get out of it and embrace the challenge that has been presented to him. Can you relate with it? How many times do we let go of opportunities in our life because they are too hard for us or take us out of our comfort zone? A character like Bilbo inspires us to face our life’s challenges head-on.


Captain Jack Sparrow

Who isn’t a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow? After all, he made us laugh with his quirkiness in the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. The fictional character played by the heart throbbing Johnny Depp is one of the nine pirate lords in the Brethren court but what sets him apart and makes us love him is his charm and wit. Unlike other pirates who are ready to blow people’s heads off on the first instance, Jack Sparrow hardly carries a gun that works and mostly makes his way out of any sticky situation using his wit and negotiation skills. Now wouldn’t you want a pirate like that to humor you in real life? Well, minus the fights that he brings along wherever he goes.


Katniss Everdeen

Whether or not you are a fan of the Hunger Games, Katniss is a character that you would want to come alive for obvious reasons. She belongs from District 13, which is one of the poorest districts and volunteers for the hunger games in place of her sister. What is admirable about her character is her resilience and zeal in the face of death that is actually, what she has to fight against. She uses all her might, skills, and knowledge to survive which is a lesson for all of us when faced with adversity. No matter where you are from and what you have to face, always remember to give it your best shot, all that you have and no force will be able to bend you.


Sherlock Holmes

Don’t you want to be as smart as Sherlock Holmes or at least have someone like that around you, who’s quick to solve cases? Intelligence is the new sexy and whether it’s the Sherlock Holmes HBO series that got your attention to this character or you have been awed by him from before, reading the intriguing  novels of Sherlock Holmes by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you just wish a character like that would be true. What Sherlock really cares about is polishing his intelligence and observation skills, which is something we all ought to do. In this fast paced world, we ought to be quick in our judgments and analysis and have a keen eye over things which would allow us to progress ahead in life.



If you’ve read Life of Pi, you would know what an exhilarating little book of adventure it was. If you haven’t read the book, you must have absolutely watched the movie which is every bit as captivating as the novel. Pi, whose complete name is Pi Patel, is a character who learns to survive on his own and while it was fictional, he even manages to live with a tiger on board the ship for a long time until he makes it to the shore. Why would you want Pi to be for real? Because Pi teaches us to hang on to hope and no matter what happens, to not let go of the last shreds of hope no matter how small they are. He teaches us survival in this life and inspires us to live a life full of risk so that when we reach the end, we have a story to tell. Having at least a friend like Pi would make all of our lives interesting.



No one can say no to Friends and there can’t be just one Friends’ character that you would want to see alive, because when it comes to friends, everyone has their own favorite. However, most people who love Chandler, love him for his funny sarcastic comments and why not. We all need someone who can show us the reality with a touch of humor so that it won’t hit us very hard but still serve the purpose of reminding us what we’re doing with our life. Chandler doesn’t like his desk job and eventually resigns, and that would be one courageous character, who would be fun to hang out with in real life!


Hermione Granger

If you love the Harry Potter series, you will have a long list of characters you love and wished were for real, and we bet Hermione is on that list. She’s smart, studious and not to forget beautiful, which makes her a role model for girls to look up to. Hermione reminds us that girls with brains are also beautiful and nothing should be stopping them from outshining boys. They need to have goals and aspirations, and be every bit as smart without feeling shy about it, because who knows, you may be the next girl to save the world after all. She is a tough one and everyone ought to be like her or at least know someone who is like her!


SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob is childish but joyful and nothing that he does is ever cautious. Look around and you might find a resemblance of SpongeBob in one of your friends. The best part about SpongeBob is the fact that he never gives up. He cares for the people around him and spreads laughter wherever he goes. Even as an adult, if you watched his cartoons, they would make you laugh and while the character seems unlikely to be in real life, how cool it would be if it really existed? We could all really do with some hearty laughs. When life puts you down, you want someone to cheer you up because we need a reminder that that’s not the end of the world. There is always a next step and a next destination waiting for you, but only if you overcome your sadness and continue ahead with positivity. It’s that positivity that SpongeBob spreads that makes him worth being for real.


Elle Woods

Who remembers Elle Woods from the novel and film of the same name, Legally Blonde? Her character is empowering and goes on to show how much you can accomplish only if you set your mind to it. Although Elle only joined Harvard Law School to get back with her boyfriend, she soon realizes that that shouldn’t be the ultimate goal of life. She goes onto show that a girl who stays busy with only fashion related stuff can also achieve bigger things in life, like a law degree and there’s no stopping her. Many girls make it their life’s mission to find a partner and while there is nothing wrong in that, there are other things that you should be doing and certainly not limit yourself to finding the love of a guy.



Every town needs a hero to save it once in a while and while there are many fictional heroes, doesn’t Batman top the list of heroes you wished were real. This DC Comic character has books, comics, and movies to his name, all for good reason. Batman wants to bring justice to the world and he’s determined to fight crime by catching the bad guys. Batman sure puts his resources to good use. While most people may have their reservations about him and would want another superhero to be real, the world needs saving bat-style and his persona is by far the most charming. Wouldn’t it be cool to know you have a friend who’s Batman?


Noah Calhoun

Noah is a character out of Nicholas Spark’s book and movie by the same name, The Notebook, and no girl can deny that she didn’t wish he was a character in real life as well. He’s every bit of a man that a girl dreams of and no one would deny crying to this particular love story. The idea of such a love that is ever-lasting and continuous, no matter what, is something, which moves most people, and is quite unheard of in real life. Noah loves Allie even when he can’t have her and loves her even after she remembers nothing about him. It shows us that love never really dies and it’s selfless. How many of us crave for that selfless love with someone? Noah is definitely a character that should be for real because that is really how you should love a girl and treat her, staying by her side like Noah, no matter what, because love shouldn’t be let go of, it should be embraced.


Sheldon Cooper

A character like Sheldon Cooper seems too farfetched but the mere fact that someone could be so intelligent, not to mention has an IQ of 187, who wouldn’t want that for real? Such a person may not exist in our immediate surroundings but should definitely exist, no matter how few. Cooper is focused and determined and does not budge from his ethics, no matter what. We do need more people like Sheldon who know everything about everything, but in spite of being a know-it-all, Sheldon manages to make us laugh and does care about his friends after all. If there is an intelligent character right out of a television series that you would want to see for real, it should be Cooper!



Alex from Madagascar is the lion who is courageous, friendly, headstrong and protective. There are a lot of things that real life Alex can teach us about friendship, courage and determination. So, if there is one kind of lion that you would want to be there in real life, wouldn’t it be him? He is used to his comfortable zoo life where he is fed on time and has his friends but his comfort zone hasn’t made him lazy. He’s also smart and quick. When it’s time for Alex to go into the wild with his friends, he’s not grumpy about it and that teaches us a thing or two. When it’s time for us to stand up for our friends and do something for them in return, we should do it, keeping our selfish notions aside. Each one of us is an Alex in one aspect or another and that’s what it means to survive in harmony.

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