True Americans

My name is Patricia, but I use a pseudonym for my writing, which is why the cover of the book has Columbia Valentine Scot. Columbia was my noona (grandma) in English and you will get to meet her in my book. Valentine stands for love, and Scot came from my baby brother Scott whom I helped raise. Thus out of the bond I hold with each of them a new meaningful name was born. I have had many poems and short stories published under that name and it feels like a comforting friend. I live in the beautiful Catskill mountain region in upstate New York, easily inspired by my surroundings, change of seasons, and the many different animals that share my ten acres that surround my little white cottage. I have been writing since age nine and won a contest at the age of ten in a local paper and never turned back. People are my inspiration. I love the undeniable similarities and the wonderful differences between us; it is from this point of view, that Layers of the Heart was born. I truly hope you enjoy your journey; this has been a true labor of love God Bless

On this Memorial Day weekend when families are barbecuing and having a cold beer, I pray they are remembering the only reason they can be doing this, at this very moment, are due to all the sacrifices that were made.
Our servicemen and women, their families, volunteered and, risked their lives, being away from their loved ones and homes, eating hamburgers and hot dogs with a waving flag on the porch.
Why does the flag fly? Because those Armed Forces,  1000 upon 1000’s of troops around our country, loved their flag and all it stood for so much, that nothing was more important to them than keeping us safe, free to voice our opinions, be a democratic nation, not socialist or communist, and enforce the words on that Declaration of Independence.
Did we thank them enough, I don’t think so personally? When topics are about fake news, real news, it’s out of control. We have Afghanistan coming at us enforcing and growing their troops, the Philippians trying missile launches every other day, and Russia flying two bomber planes over Alaska that our Servicemen stopped, why is that on page 20 and not a headline? it’s about life and liberty and Freedom for all.
That is what this day means, the parties and family get togethers are a direct reflection of all those sacrifices made and being made. So, the next time some station wants to talk about how things look and not how things are, it’s our turn to stand up, and back up all our armed forces with a resounding “we got your back,” the way you had ours,
We are all family, connected in one way or another, and in crisis, we prove that repeatedly.
Let’s stop talking about nonsense and remember this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and there is nowhere in the world like it, and if we let each other down, and forget what we stand for, all these sacrifices that were made will wind up being just a part of a history that once was.
I am proud of al the soldiers that led the way for our Soldiers of today, to carry on. Our Service People continue to honor them by carrying on the sacrifice to defend this Nation, America solutes those who gave their lives. For without your patriotism, we would not exist. Know we pray for all those families, and we will never forget the price you paid to keep this the land of ours free. We can speak our mind, follow our choices of religion, we’ve become even more grateful.
That even in the year 2019, 243 years after that declaration was signed, we still live in a free world, only made possible through the generous hearts, and selflessness of our fellow Americans, who dedicated their lives to serving our great country. God Bless you and your families.

Red White and Blue

America stands for freedom, but it comes at a price,
it’s the selflessness of others and all they sacrificed.
Every single Soldier, and those behind the scenes,
making sure America, would stand for what it means.
Parents raised their children to do their very best,
these children took it one step further, to care for all the rest.
They didn’t take for granted they got to say and choose,
a freedom none of them were willing to risk or lose.
They put on their uniforms each and every day,
proudly and seriously, to ensure “Democracy” was here to stay

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