12 Online Services That Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing comes natural to some, but for others, it might feel a challenging uphill hike. Whether you are already an excellent writer or a student struggling with college papers, the internet seems to have some impressive tools to help along the process. These online services have got your back when it comes to expanding vocabulary, correcting the grammatical errors, improving the readability or even creating the perfect ambiance to work at. If you are in the lookout for tools to assist with writing, take your pick from the best ones below.

1. 750 Words


Even those who are accustomed to the flow of typing might have problems with sticking on to a routine. 750 Words helps along the process of writing by encouraging the user to complete 750 words a day. On a slow-moving day, finishing 750 words on a college essay might seem like quite an achievement. Every time you finish, you are allotted points and more for consistency.


2. Grammarly


Grammarly is the superhero of writing tools. It has the power to point out all kinds of errors with the text, suggests synonyms and even makes sure that the content is devoid of plagiarism. The user can further set the goal to casual, formal and other kinds and even run the service as a plugin in the browser to correct errors in emails or other documents.


3. EssayPro


EssayPro has been offering writing services to people who have problems with writing for over two decades. Their team of professional essay writers are experts in the quality work on the mistakes in the text, admission essays, and research papers. Whether it is for a thoroughly researched article or a quick turnaround for a tight deadline, EssayPro is one of the best platforms for writers to lean on to.


4. Zen Pen


For those who get easily distracted by the many unnecessary features of any writing tool, Zen Pen offers the perfect backdrop. The website goes for an extremely minimalistic approach towards creating a simple and efficient workspace, with the bare necessities for formatting and saving the text.


5. ProWritingAid


This is yet another service that evaluates the content and helps to get rid of errors, overused words, rectify lengthy sentences and remove plagiarism by identifying trouble areas. It also helps to reduce the use of cliches, redundancies, abstract and complex word to improve the overall quality of the content.


6. Cliché Finder


This tool does exactly what its name suggests. Writers tend to overuse cliches or commonly used phrases. All you have to do is to paste the content into the Cliché Finder and the tool will highlight the phrases that need to be replaced.


7. Listly


While coming up with lists for the content, the chances are high to feel stuck. Listly offers the writer to get ideas from the audience itself by allowing them to contribute to your list. You just have to create a list type and invite the network to fill in the blanks.


8. BrainyQuote


A few quotes on the article does make it more attractive and reliable. When in the lookout for just the right quote apt for the text, the best site to turn to is BrainyQuote. Find one based on the author, topic or even a phrase here.


9. Hemingway


Hemingway is a favorite app for writers to adapt the content and style to the level of the target audience. Named after the much-famed writer Ernst Hemingway, the tool focuses or making the content simpler and readable for a wider audience. However, if you are looking for a challenging style of writing, then you can simply focus on having a higher grade.


10. Twords


The app that nudges you to write is certainly an essential tool for all writers. This online service tells you when you haven’t written for a while, tracks your usage and comes with some cool resources like a library of articles. To finish it, there is also the option to connect others who can push you to get the tasks completed.


11. Coffitivity


There are many who requires background music or noise to boost concentration. Coffitivity does the same, but here there is also some amazing selection like the noise from a buzzing coffee shop, a bistro from Paris or even the street noises.


12.Tomato Timer


Last but not least, for all those who cannot stick to a continuous flow of work, the Tomato Timer comes to resue. Using the Pomodoro technique, it sets regular intervals of 25 minutes with regular breaks for the user to commit to writing.


With these, you have all the essential tools required to master the writing experiences. With these by your side, there is nothing stopping you from reaching for heights with killer articles.


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