Do you want to become a better writer? Your learning process will start with study and practice. There are an abundance of impressive books that explain the art of writing. By reading these books, you will get useful pieces of advice to become a better writer. Here are 10 books that will make you a better writer.
  1. Writing with Power by Peter Elbow

Writing with power contains useful techniques to master the writing procedure. It was published in 1981 with numerous powerful lessons. With the great advice of Peter Elbow, you can become a better writer.

  1. Light the Dark by Joe Fassler

Light the dark advises writers on inspiration, artistic process, and creativity. The book is based on the Atlantic series explaining the wisdom of nonfiction and fiction writers. Every writer has a personal story about his/her writing experience.

  1. Writer’s Journey by Christopher

To grade my essay, I specifically read this book. Christopher Vogler explains the importance of good stories. Good stories can stimulate your body organs and affect your heart. It can make you smile or bring tears to your eyes. After reading this book, you will learn the structure of a story.

  1. Between You and Me by Mary Norris

Mary Norris is a long-time copy editor of New York. She beautifully explained the importance of grammar. To improve your grammar, you must read this book. It will help you to pay attention to grammar chops.

  1. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art explains procrastination. It may help you to win your inner battles. By reading this book, new writers can learn to manage different things. Steven explains that writing is not hard, but sitting down for writing is hard.

  1. Follow the Story by James B. Stewart

If you want to write nonfiction, you must read this book. This book is about constructing quality of nonfiction style. Through this book, James b. Steward provides you with a necessary toolbox.

  1. A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin

Lucia Berlin had published short stories retrospectively. However, some stories are brutal and disturbing, but you have to pay attention to the packing of prose and language of the writer. By reading this book, you will learn how to stuck readers with each character.

  1. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

It helps new writers to find bigger stories. The book has some fundamental questions of Sinek. Simon Sinek initiated a movement to inspire people at work. After reading this book, you will understand the communication and thinking style of a leader.

  1. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Dave King and Renni Browne

If you want to become an influential writer, you can’t miss this book. After reading this book, you will learn how to draw all your readers in your imaginary world. They should find themselves a vital part of this world. This book can teach you the characteristics of a good writer.

  1. On Writing by Stephen King

Writing is more than making money, earning fame, or making new friends. It must enrich the life of a writer and its readers simultaneously. By reading this book, you can become a blissful writer.

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